DOOG Home Bed - Sleep, Eat, Chase, Repeat *NEW*

DOOG Home Bed - Sleep, Eat, Chase, Repeat *NEW*

Sleep, Eat, Chase,'s a dogs life! This striking black, blue and grey bed is made from a 100% cotton, removable cover and stuffed with oodles of fluffy recycled polyester (like sleeping on a cloud). Best of all the stuffing comes encased in a smell and dirt proof lining meaning you HARDLY EVER HAVE TO WASH THE INSIDES! Beauty and genius is a good combination... right?

Available in 2 sizes - Medium and Large

Medium - 95cm x 71cm (perfect for small and medium sized  dogs such as spaniels, pugs and poodles)

Large - 115cm x 85cm x 26cm (suits larger sized dogs such as labradors, german shepherds) 

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