Dogs - A free mental health booster

We’re all going through a tough time at the moment with the effects of the corona virus pandemic but if you have a pet pooch, did you know that you have a free mental health booster on-call at your place 24/7?

And that you can comply with all the social distancing and self-isolation guidelines while taking advantage of the unconditional love that they willingly provide for you?

After all, they’re not known as “man’s best friend” for nothing!

Dogs can boost your mental health in many ways during the coronavirus restrictions, including by:

  • just keeping you company or playing with you at home.

What better way to avoid loneliness or boredom at the moment than by playing with your dog at home? There’s only so much Netflix you can watch without going a bit stir crazy.

The unbridled enthusiasm and eagerness of your buddy to please can help you to avoid getting bored or down in the dumps. Dogs can also help to reduce any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. They’ll always be keen for you to devote your attention to them, even if it’s just for a pat or a tummy rub. Seeing them wag their tail will almost always put you in a better mood.


Studies have also shown that playing with your dog can elevate your levels of serotonin and dopamine, which will help you to remain calm and relaxed. At DOOG, we have a range of fun toys to help you and your pooch make the most of your increased time together.

  • encouraging you to develop a daily routine.

Dogs love routines and it’s important to develop a routine to help you cope with the extended periods of time that we’re all spending at home at the moment.

You should try and wake up, eat, exercise and sleep at regular times, just like your pooch likes to do. When you do, you’ll find the days spent at home go faster. You’ll also spend less time thinking about all the coronavirus issues going on in the world at the moment.

  • exercising with them.

Exercise is one of the few reasons that we’re still allowed to go outside during the current coronavirus restrictions. Dogs make great exercise partners, even if you’re just going for a walk.  

Many studies have proved than exercise is good for your mental wellbeing, not just your physical health. It’s great for our four-legged friends too, and they love it!

At DOOG, we have a range of harnesses you can use to make sure your pooch is as comfortable as possible when you’re out and about. And of course, make sure you take a water bottle, as well as pick-up bags  to clean up any poop your doggy needs to do along the way! You can carry everything in one of our stylish walkie bags.


The bottom line

None of us have a crystal ball to know how long the current strict coronavirus restrictions will last. But don’t let them get you down. Instead, make the most of the extra time you have together at home with your dog. When you do, you’ll both be happier!



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