As avid lovers of the great outdoors and passionate dog owners, Jamie and Jessica Knight co-founded DOOG, (Dog Owners Outdoor Gear) in 2007, driven by their quest for practical yet stylish gear for dog owners like themselves.

Their journey began with the creation of the Walkie Belt, an innovative product that revolutionised the way dog owners experience their daily exercise routines. This hands-free, utility belt became an instant hit, earning rave reviews for its ingenuity. Designed to hold all the essentials - keys, phone, dog treats, and waste bags - the Walkie Belt epitomises the blend of functionality and style that defines the DOOG brand.

Jamie and Jessica's beloved dogs was the inspiration behind many of their designs. "We wanted products that made our walks and runs with Wilbur more enjoyable and hassle-free," Jessica explains. Their commitment to enhancing the outdoor experience for dog owners has seen the DOOG range expand to include a variety of gear, from running leashes to harnesses, all crafted with the same innovative spirit.

Operating from the Northern Beaches, Jamie and Jessica ensure that every DOOG product is designed and rigorously tested on the Northern Beaches. The local environment is more than just a testing ground; it's a key influence in their design philosophy. "The beach lifestyle is integral to our products," says Jamie. "We use materials like stainless steel for attachment rings to prevent rust and neoprene padding for harnesses that are both water-friendly and durable."

Jamie and Jessica's dedication to their craft and community has helped them build a brand that not only meets the needs of dog owners but also celebrates the vibrant outdoor-oriented culture of Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Now available in over 5000 stores globally, DOOG products continue to inspire people around the world to get out and enjoy their walks with their best friends by their side.

Multi-award Winning Brand

DOOG has established itself as a trusted, leading name in the pet accessory industry, earning multiple awards for its innovative and high-quality products. Among its prestigious awards are Pet Accessory of the Year and Dog Harness of the Year. Learn more here.


Our extensive range of products include everything from secure and cozy car travel solutions to robust harnesses, collars and leads. We also offer a range of adventure-friendly toys designed to inspire outdoor exploration and play.


Our products are meticulously designed and rigorously tested on the Northern Beaches. More than just a testing ground; the coast it's a key influence in the brand's design ethos. From stainless steel attachment rings that resist rust to neoprene padding for durable, water-friendly harnesses, each detail reflects our dedication to creating innovative gear that stands up to Australian conditions.