10 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog During Covid Isolation

COVID-19 isolation isn’t just tough for people, it’s tough for dogs too! But you need to look on the bright side. Even though you mightn’t be able to go out of your home together, just think of the fun you can have together at home.

At the end of the day, spending time with you means just as much to your furry friend, no matter where you are. And if you’re feeling down about your isolation, it’s a proven fact that spending time with your dog can be great for your mental health.

Here are 10 ideas for fun things you can do together during isolation.

1. Teach a new trick

Time is something you have plenty of in isolation, so why not make the most of it by teaching your dog a fun new trick?

Make sure the trick isn’t too difficult and that you’re patient. Have plenty of treats on hand as well to reward your furry friend as they progressively master it. You can find out how to teach your dog some simple tricks here.


2. Bake some dog treats

All dogs love treats and it can be a lot of fun to bake your own. Just make sure that you use dog-friendly ingredients. You can find some great dog treat recipe ideas here.

3. Order a doggie delivery

Why not order a delivery that your canine companion will love from us at DOOG or your local pet store? Perhaps a new toy, a long-life bone, one of their favourite treats.

4. Play hide and seek

All dogs have natural hunting instincts, so why not have a game of hide and seek to give them a chance to sniff you out?


5. Organise a backyard treat hunt

Another great way for your buddy to fine tune their sniffing skills is to organise a backyard treat hunt. Just find an opportunity to hide treats around your yard (perhaps when your fur baby is taking a nap) and then you can relax and enjoy the spectacle as they sniff them all out!

6. Play fetch

Fetch is another great game you can play together, whether it be indoors in a hallway or outdoors in your backyard.

7. Create your own obstacle course

Get creative and dig out some cardboard boxes and other items you can use to make an indoor or outdoor obstacle course for your buddy.

8. Go for a swim together

If you have a backyard pool and you’re feeling up to it, why not beat the summer heat by going for a swim together?  

9. Start an Instagram account for your dog

If you have some great photos of your dog, why not start up his or her own Instagram account? Or if you don’t have any great photos, use your isolation time to take some! Some of the most popular doggy Instagram accounts have millions of followers.

10. Laze on the couch together

At the end of the day, dogs are just happy being with you. If you’re not feeling well, your furry friend will know and will be just as happy lazing on the couch with you while you binge watch Netflix.

How we can help

At DOOG, we have a great range of accessories to help make isolating at home with your dog more fun for both of you, including:

We also have a great range of other products for dog owners and dogs. You can order directly from us online or find a retailer near you who stocks our high-quality products.


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