Discover Australia's Top 8 Autumn Dog-Friendly Walks

As autumn sets in across Australia, the crisp air and colourful foliage beckon both humans and their furry friends to explore the great outdoors. From coastal paths to bushland trails, there are countless dog-friendly walks to enjoy during this vibrant season. Here, we've curated a list of the top eight autumn dog-friendly walks across different regions of Australia, ensuring both you and your canine companion have a tail-wagging experience.

New South Wales (NSW) - Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk:

  • Location: Sydney

Experience the iconic coastline of Sydney with a leisurely stroll along the Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk. This scenic path spans approximately 6 kilometers and offers stunning ocean views, rocky cliffs, and inviting beaches. Dogs are welcome on-leash, so you can enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and autumn sunshine while your furry friend sniffs the salty air.

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - Lake Burley Griffin Circuit:

  • Location: Canberra

In the heart of Canberra lies the picturesque Lake Burley Griffin, surrounded by walking and cycling paths perfect for exploring with your furry friend. As autumn paints the trees in hues of gold and crimson, take your dog on a leisurely stroll around the lake, admiring iconic landmarks such as the National Gallery of Australia and Parliament House along the way.


Victoria (VIC) - Warburton Rail Trail:

  • Location: Yarra Valley

For a peaceful autumnal walk amidst towering trees and scenic countryside, head to the Warburton Rail Trail in the Yarra Valley. This dog-friendly trail follows the historic railway line, offering gentle gradients and picturesque views of the surrounding mountains and forests. With plenty of dog-friendly cafes and parks along the way, it's the perfect outing for both you and your four-legged friend.

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Queensland (QLD) - Mount Ninderry Walk:

  • Location: Sunshine Coast

Escape to the Sunshine Coast and conquer the Mount Ninderry Walk with your canine companion. As one of the only state parks where dogs are allowed, this moderately challenging trail winds through lush bushland and offers sweeping views of the surrounding countryside. With your dog by your side, you can tackle the ascent together and revel in the beauty of autumn from the summit.

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Adelaide (ADL) - Linear Park Trail:

  • Location: Adelaide

Follow the meandering paths of the Linear Park Trail as it winds along the banks of the River Torrens, offering a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide. With plenty of shady spots and grassy areas, this dog-friendly trail is perfect for a leisurely autumn stroll with your canine companion. Keep an eye out for native birdlife and enjoy the serene beauty of the riverbanks.

Western Australia (WA) - Bold Park:

  • Location: Perth

Escape to the natural beauty of Bold Park in Perth for a scenic autumn walk with your dog. With sweeping views of the city skyline and the Indian Ocean, this sprawling park offers a variety of walking trails suitable for all fitness levels. Let your dog roam off-leash in designated areas as you explore the native bushland and vibrant wildflowers that bloom during autumn.

Northern Territory (NT) - Nightcliff Foreshore:

  • Location: Darwin

Embrace the tropical charm of Darwin with a walk along the dog-friendly Nightcliff Foreshore. As the sun sets over the Timor Sea, take your dog for a leisurely stroll along the picturesque waterfront, where palm trees sway in the breeze and local residents gather to enjoy the evening atmosphere. With designated off-leash areas and stunning ocean views, it's the perfect spot to unwind with your furry friend.

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Tasmania (TAS) - Hobart Rivulet Track:

  • Location: Hobart

Experience the beauty of Tasmania's capital city with a walk along the Hobart Rivulet Track. This dog-friendly trail follows the gentle flow of the rivulet through lush greenery and tranquil parklands, offering a peaceful escape from urban life. Let your dog splash in the crystal-clear waters as you wander beneath the canopy of autumnal foliage, taking in the sights and sounds of nature at its finest.

As autumn paints the landscape in vibrant hues, there's no better time to explore Australia's diverse array of dog-friendly walks. Whether you're seeking coastal vistas, bushland trails, or urban parks, there's something for every dog and their human companion to enjoy during this magical season. So leash up your furry friend, pack your pick up bags, treats and toys, and embark on an autumn adventure to remember.

* Before embarking on any outdoor adventure with your furry friend, it's crucial to prioritise their health and well-being. Make sure your dog is up to date with their flea, tick, and worm treatments to prevent any unwanted pests or illnesses during your trail escapades. Additionally, both you and your pooch should stay hydrated, so remember to pack plenty of water for the journey. Happy trails!

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