10 Years On....


It started with a walk in the park in 2007 and this week at DOOG we are pretty proud and excited to be celebrating our 10th year in business.  
Inspired by Molly the duck toller on a walk in inner city Sydney, we never imagined that a little idea we brainstormed that day would turn into a successful international business and be going strong 10 years down the track. . 

To our wonderful customers, we just want to say that we truly appreciate each and every one of you. We still get so much joy in seeing you and your dogs in our products as we walk down the street, in the dog park and when you share your pics on social media. We love hearing your feedback on our products and try to do everything we can to include your ideas into all of our product development.  We can't wait to produce more great gear over the next 10 years for you and your pets to enjoy.

A massive thanks to all of our family and friends for believing in us  and our wacky ideas. Thanks to our friends and neighbours for letting us test our new products on your dogs, for modelling in our photo shoots and for letting us borrow your pets to model in our photo shoots! We have had so much fun over the years and love that you are all part of our journey. 

Thanks also to our amazing, creative, organised DOOG Team in the office in Australia and the USA and to our great partners, retailers and distributors who help get our products out to customers. We look forward to building more exciting opportunities with you in the coming years. 

We really, truly love what we do and wouldn't swap it for all the dogs in the world.

Enjoy Your Walk. 

Jamie and Jess







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