3 Reasons Why You Need To Walk Your Dog Every Day

Celebrating International Walk Your Dog Week from October 1st to 7th

Here at DOOG we are all about walking the dog, it's the inspiration behind everything we do and all of the products we design. We also know that some days it can feel like a chore especially if it’s freezing outside or you are feeling tired or under the weather. That’s why in honour of International Walk The Dog Week we are going to give you 3 very valid reasons why you should walk the dog every day to inspire you next time you lack the motivation to get out the door with your fur friend.

1 - The health benefits (for both of you)

Making the dog walk a daily habit is a great form of exercise for you and your pet. In short regular physical exercise will improve the quality and duration of both you and your dog’s life. Recent studies show that walking for daily exercise can add 7 years to the typical human lifespan. Now that’s worth putting the leash on for!



2 – Mental Health & Stress Management

Have you ever seen an unhappy dog on a walk? All dogs love to exercise with their owners and they are also very good at taking their time to stop and smell the trees and flowers along the way. How about taking some inspiration from this by using your daily dog walk as a mindfulness exercise? You could try ditching your phone and really appreciating some quality one-on one time with your best buddy taking in the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood as you do. Research has shown that being with your pet increases the level of stress reducing hormone, oxytocin and reduces cortisol which produces feelings of stress.


3 – It doesn’t cost you anything!

Unlike going to the gym or your local yoga studio, walking the dog doesn’t cost a penny. Keeping your dog fit and healthy will also help you save money on vet bills as it will prevent  heart disease, certain types of cancers and arthritis from forming in the later years of their life.

 At DOOG, we've got all the gear you ned to take the stress and hassle out of your daily dog walk. Our new leash splitter allows you to walk two dogs at once with out the nightmare of tangled leashes taking the fun out of your walk. 

Our new neosport hip belts and dog walking bags hold all you need securely around your body and come pre-loaded with the all important dog tidy up bags so you never have to worry about getting in any awkward situations without your poop bags again. 

Enjoy Your Walk with DOOG on International Walk The Dog Week 2022! 




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