5 lovely ways to spend Mothers Day with your dog

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that celebrates motherhood and the love mothers have for their children. But why should humans have all the fun? This year why not celebrate Mothers Day with your furry best friend too? After all, the unconditional love of our beloved pooches can make any day a special one. Let’s look into some creative ways to make Mothers Day extra memorable for both you and your pup


1. Go for a picnic - Gather some of your favorite treats and head to the nearest park or shoreline for an outdoor meal! Enjoy the fresh air as you and your dog dine with nature's backdrop. Have fun playing Frisbee, fetch, catch, or whatever other games come to mind.


2. Take a hike - If you're feeling adventurous, why not plan a hiking date with your furry best friend? Pick out an area that's perfect for exploration and then hit the trails. Make sure both of you stay hydrated along the way as you enjoy every step of the journey. Don't forget to take lots of pictures so you can remember how much fun you both had!

3. Make a movie night - Is there anything better than snuggling up with your pup and watching a good movie? Grab some blankets, snacks, and pick out a flick that'll make sure you both have plenty of laughs. Check out your local dog-friendly theater if you're looking to make it an extra special night!


4. Pamper yourselves - For the ultimate Mothers Day experience, why not give both you and your pup some well deserved pampering? Set up a spa day at home where you can both get some TLC including a manicure and pedicure and full body massage for both of you by the kids and fur dad of the family.

5 - Set up a cute family portrait photo shoot with the kids and the dogs and post onto your social media! Don't forget to tag @doogofficial_ so we can see what you have all been up to this Mothers Day. 

No matter which activity you choose, make sure that you and your pup have plenty of time together. Enjoy every moment with the one who loves you unconditionally - it'll be a Mothers Day to remember! Happy celebrating!

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