5 simple tips for bringing home a new puppy for the first time

It's International Puppy Day! To us, this special day is a reminder of the joy our newest family member has brought us - Bonnie. As we embark on new puppy parenting adventures and tasks, there are some essential tips that make all the difference in making sure your pup feels safe & loved (not to mention saving you lots of time too!). Let’s celebrate furry friends everywhere with 5 simple steps for bringing home a new puppy for the first time!



1 – Prepare for some destruction & pull up your rugs

With a new puppy in the house, you must be prepared to experience some destruction. To protect your precious belongings, limit accessibility of anything valuable and provide your pup with plenty of durable toys - we promise it's worth it for all the joy this bundle of energy will bring you later on. And don’t forget: a chewed rug or book is only temporary – memories made together are forever!

 2- Invest in a crate

Crate training is an easy way to give Fido a safe spot to have a rest and can also help prevent naughty behaviour, like chewing on the furniture or getting into mischief at night! We gave it a shot when our little Bonnie joined us - watching helpful YouTube videos taught us all we needed in order for this method of positive reinforcement to be successful.



3 – Book a vet check

Welcome your new puppy to the family with a vet check. In their first week at home, book them in for an appointment and have all of your questions answered! Our vet had plenty of useful advice on registering our pup with local council, as well as pet insurance options and flea/tick treatments suitable for younger dogs.


4 – Book into puppy school

Taking Bonnie to puppy school was an absolute delight! As a pup parent, you want to make sure your furry pal has all the essential tools for success as they grow up. Attending classes and learning basic commands like recall will give them the confidence required when navigating their new world - so don't forget about this important step in your little one's journey. Check with your local vet about great options in your area.



5 – Be prepared to put in the time

Remember that preparing for your new little companion requires plenty of commitment. You'll need to be ready to stay alert - not just during daytime hours, but also at night as you teach them their potty routine. Make sure you block off some extra time in the early stages so all those sleepless nights don't interfere with other activities or work commitments.


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