5 Tips For A Dog Friendly Christmas

Christmas is such a magical time to share with your pets & we are so excited to spend our first Christmas with new family member, Bonnie the Golden Retriever.  Here are 5 tips for enjoying a dog friendly Christmas with your fur friends. 

1 – Keep your dog away from the cheese platter

We’ve all been there, you’re setting up the nibbles, turn your back for a second and your dogs gobbled down a whole block of vintage cheddar just before the guests arrive.

Did you know a lot of the food we enjoy on Christmas day (including some cheeses) can be harmful to your dog? On Christmas Day make sure you keep the festive food up high and out of reach from your pet. The following is a list of foods that can be toxic dogs if consumed.

  • Chocolate
  • Christmas pudding and mince pies (raisins) 
  • Sage & onion stuffing
  • Certain nuts 
  • Blue cheese

2 – Check your tree & home for dangerous decorations

What dog doesn’t love a ball shaped bauble? It's a good idea to inspect your ornaments for sharp objects such as pins and exposed hooks. If your pet does take the opportunity to entertain themselves at least you can reduce the risk of them ingesting anything nasty.



3 – Make your dog a Christmas dinner

Dogs can enjoy the Christmas turkey as long as it’s boneless. Why not treat them on December 25 with a lovely Christmas lunch or dinner to share with you? Side vegetables are fine in moderation such as broccoli, carrots and beans with a small drizzle of gravy… yummo!

 4 – Avoid cheap and nasty toys that may not have been safety tested

It’s tempting to grab a last minute, plastic purchase at the mall for your dog’s Christmas stocking but try to plan a gift in advance by gifting them something special like a high quality ball (See our Fetchaballs range) a new collar or leash or a lovely packet of Christmas dog treat biscuits. This will avoid any nasty accidents or choking hazards from them playing with toys that may not have passed standard safety tests.


5 – Grab a picture with Santa Paws

Lots of pet shops now offer a Santa Paws photo and there is NOTHING cuter than seeing your fur child having a cuddle with Santa. You can also use the photo to  cute gifts for friends and family.

Have a Merry and wonderful Christmas everyone!


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