5 Ways To Burn More Calories On Your Dog Walk


With summer just weeks away and a lot of gyms still closed due to covid restrictions we thought we would share 5 ways you can burn more calories and get a great workout on your dog walk .

 1 – Step It Up

Ditch your regular route and research some walking trails near you that have a steep incline or sets of stairs. Adding stairs to your walk routine can help you burn twice the amount of than taking a flat path.

2 – Go The Extra Mile

Get up half an hour earlier in the morning and add an extra couple of kms to your daily walk.

In general, walking 1.6kms burns about 100 calories so just by going that extra distance you can double your calorie burn.

3 – The Need For Speed

Start switching up your walk with interval jogging in between and you and your dog will be fighting fit in no time. For someone who is 160 pounds running at five miles per hour they will burn 600 calories. If the same person walked briskly over the same distance they would only burn 314 calories.

4 – Walk To The Beat

Listening to music on your daily walk doesn’t just relieve boredom, it can help improve the quality of your walk by increasing your stamina and motivating you to walk faster or even run up a steep hill or on the home stretch. Check out Spotify for some great running playlists to help push you to go that bit further and faster.

Our DOOG mini stretch belt comes with a hole to pull your headphones through while it houses your phone and valuables so you can have a hands free run while you listen to tunes. 


5 – Invite a Fit Friend

Inviting a friend and their canine companion along for a dog walk encourages you to walk a bit further and often (if that person happens to be super fit) a bit faster than your usual pace. It’s also a great opportunity to socialise your dog and catch up with your buddy at the same time.

Here at DOOG we love to encourage you to get out and live an active and healthy life with your pet but remember to keep your dog hydrated and always get veterinary approval before you start a running program with your dog. 

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