Australia's Best Dog Walks

Walking a dog is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s great for your dog’s physical and mental health, as well as your own. No matter where you live, there are some great places for you and your pooch to go for a stroll (or some more strenuous exercise if you’re up for it)!

Before you set off, make sure you that you have:

And if you’re heading for a dog park, take note of which ones are off-lead and on-lead. If you’re heading into any bushland areas, make sure you also give your dog a tick prevention treatment a couple of days before you go.

Here’s our list of the best walks for dog owners across Australia.


Narrabeen Lagoon Bush Trail

This track is flat, making it ideal for walking or jogging with your dog. Take in the scenery which includes bushland, native wildlife and of course the beautiful lagoon. It’s an on-lead area.


Albert Park Reserve

This large park is an oasis just three kilometres south of the CBD. It borders Albert Park Lake and has a variety of on-lead and off-lead areas for you and your dog to explore.


Tuckeroo Park, Nudgee Beach

Nudgee Beach is a 20-minute drive north-east of Brisbane and it’s where you’ll find Tuckeroo Park. It has a large, fenced, off-lead area that includes an agility course. There is also a dedicated dog swimming area to cool down, so make sure you bring a towel!



Seaview Loop

As the name suggests, this 2.2 kilometre-loop in Shepherds Hill Recreation Park provides superb views of the Adelaide coastline. It’s about a 10-minute drive from the CBD and is an on-lead area.


Beeliar Park

This is where you and your dog can explore the Spectacles Aboriginal Heritage Trail, which is a five-kilometre loop featuring unique Australia flora and fauna. It’s an on-lead area.


Yarralumla Walk

This is a 5.2 kilometre walk that lets you and your pooch explore Westbourne Woods and Lake Burley Griffin. It has both on-lead and off-lead areas. You can visit a dog-friendly cafe and a dedicated dog park along the way. You can also go for a swim if you want!


Marlowe Lagoon Pet Park

This park in Palmerston (a 15 minute-drive from the Darwin CBD) has a large off-lead area as well as a dedicated on-lead space that includes eight exercise obstacles to challenge your pooch!



Conneware Bay to Windermere Beach

These two peaceful areas along the foreshore of the Derwent are connected via a two-kilometre walking track. There are both on-lead and off-lead areas along the way.

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