Beat the Heat – How to Have a Safe and Happy Summer With Your Dog


We’re in the peak of summer and it’s a great time of year to get out and about with your dog. But it’s also very important that you’re smart about how you beat the heat. Summer can be a dangerous time for dogs for a variety of reasons, including an increased risk of:

  • heat stroke (it’s really easy for dogs to overheat, especially breeds that have thick coats).
  • flea and tick bites (and some of these can be fatal).
  • sunburn (yep, that’s right, dogs can get sunburn just like people can).

Here are our top tips for how you can have a safe and happy summer with your dog.  We’ve separated them into things to make sure you do and things to make sure you don’t.


Here are 4 things you should do to help your dog beat the heat.

1. Make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh, cool water

This is an obvious way to keep your dog hydrated and to keep their temperature under control. Just remember that your dog will probably be thirstier in summer, so make sure you check their bowl regularly and that you put it in a shady spot so it doesn’t evaporate as quickly.

If you’re going out, make sure you have two water bowls available in shady spots in case your dog accidentally knocks one over.

Check out our portable  3-in1 bottle and bowl as a great hydration option for your dog. 


2. Give your dog a summer clip and a regular brush

Another simple thing you can do is to keep your dog’s coat as thin as possible during summer. You can do this by arranging for your dog to have a clip and then brushing their coat every few days to remove any loose hair.  

Dogs with long coats during summer can feel like we would wearing a jumper!

3. Make sure your dog has plenty of shade (or is indoors during the hottest part of the day)

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, make sure they have plenty of shady spots available. Keep in mind that the sun moves throughout the day, so a shady spot in the morning won’t be a shady spot in the afternoon, and vice versa.

Ideally your buddy should have a shady spot available at all times. A kennel doesn’t really count because they are generally small, enclosed areas that can attract heat.

Ensuring that your dog can get inside during the hottest part of the day is also a great idea. Make sure they can access the coolest spots (like tiled areas in bathrooms). If you have an air conditioner or fans inside your home, turn one or both of them on as well. If you don’t, make sure you at least have the windows open so you can take advantage of any breeze.

4. Go for swims together!

Going for a swim in a pool or at the beach is another great way to both beat the summer heat and have fun with your dog at the same time.  

At DOOG, we stock pop-up pools and dog swim towels that you can use to have a swim anywhere.



Here are 2 things you should avoid doing with your dog during summer.

1. Don’t be active during the hottest part of the day

The hottest part of the day in summer is usually between 10am and 2pm. Avoid doing overly strenuous things with your pal during these times.

You should even avoid walking during these times because the temperature of concrete footpaths, roads and even beaches can be really hot after being baked in the summer sun for a few hours.  Always remember that dogs’ paw pads are very sensitive.  Them walking on hot surfaces is like us walking barefoot on hot coals!

2. Don’t leave your dog alone in your car (or in the back of your ute)

You shouldn’t leave a dog alone in your car at any time, but it’s especially important to avoid doing it in summer. The inside temperature of a car can rise by up to 70 per cent in just a few minutes!

Similarly, the floor on the back of a ute can get very hot very quickly in the sun, potentially damaging your dog’s sensitive paws.

Have a great summer!   

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