Fun ways to exercise at the dog beach

Dogs love going to the beach as much as we do. It provides them with everything they need to have a great time. They love the open spaces that they can roam in, the new sights and smells, the endless digging opportunities that the sand provides, as well as the giant “pool” that they can use to cool off when they get hot.

Before you take your dog to the beach though, make sure it’s a dog-friendly one! Check with your local council or look for signs that you’re welcome to take your buddy onto the beach with you.

When you get the green light to go, here’s some fun ways you can both exercise while you’re there.

Play fetch

Take a ball or frisbee with you or try one of our stick family or seal fetch toys and away you go! Simple. You can alternate between throwing your object on the sand and into the water to mix things up.


Go for a run

The beach is a great place for both of you to go for a run. When you do, make sure you stay near the water so your pal can enjoy the opportunity to splash about along the way.

Walk (or run) in the soft sand

It’s always a bit more challenging to get away from the shore line and to walk (or run) in the drier, soft sand. If you or your pooch start to get tired, you can always move to the wetter, firmer sand to make things a bit easier. Or you can just stop if either of you have had enough.

Go for a swim

Dogs love going for a swim. Just make sure the conditions are calm. You don’t want either of you getting carried away by a rip. The ocean can be just as dangerous for dogs as it is for people.

Some practicalities

Make sure your buddy has at least a basic level of obedience before you take them off their leash at the beach. And make sure you keep your eye on them at all times, especially if the beach is near a major road. It’s easy for them to get distracted and roam away in such an open area.

It’s also important to make sure they don’t eat anything at the beach that could cause issues either, like seaweed or dead sea creatures that have washed up on the shore. Fish bait and hooks or other things to be wary of. There will be less chance of your pooch coming across stray items like those if you stay in areas where the sand is clean.

Take care that your dog doesn’t drink salt water too. Make sure you take some fresh water with you instead.


How we can help

If you have the right equipment, exercising at the beach will be a great experience for both of you. At DOOG, we have a great range of products, including:



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