Get Ready For Take Your Dog To Work Day - June 21st

In case you didn’t realise it, Friday June 21 is ‘International Take Your Dog to Work Day’.

But before you take your dog to your workplace, there are some important things you need to do to make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone involved, including your pooch.

  • Firstly, check with your boss to see if they’re okay with you bringing your buddy in. Unfortunately, not all workplaces are appropriate for dogs.
  • You should also check with any of your workmates to see if anyone has an allergy to dogs.
  • It’s also important that your pooch is comfortable socialising with other people and dogs. If they’re not, it won’t be a good idea to take your dog to work with you on June 21.

But if you can tick all those boxes, here’s how you should prepare for the big day. Make sure that:

  1. your dog is healthy and up to date with all their vaccinations.
  2. your buddy has all their identification in case they somehow get lost.
  3. your workplace is safe. For example, make sure that they can’t access cables, cords or bins that could potentially be hazardous.
  4. you’re familiar with any relevant workplace policies. For example, areas of your workplace where you dog can and can’t go (like kitchen areas).
  5. you take your pooch’s food and water bowls (try one of our DOOG foldable bowls as a great option for this), along with some treats to reward them for good behaviour. It’s also a good idea to take some of their favourite toys to help keep them entertained while you’re working, as well as a blanket or their bed for them to sleep on.
  6. you exercise your dog just before you take them into your workplace. That will help to ensure they won’t have too much excess energy if they get over excited.

When you arrive at work:

  • take some time to introduce your buddy to your workmates and other dogs, so they can relax as quickly as possible.
  • make sure you also lay out their bowls, blanket/bed and toys so that they aren’t trip hazards for your workmates. 
  • ensure your dog is appropriately supervised at all times. They should stay with you so try to secure them to your office desk so they can't run around and disrupt co-workers. Our handy clip-it leashes allow you to clip your dogs leash easily and quickly to your work desk. 
  • don’t forget to schedule toilet breaks for your buddy throughout the day if you’re working indoors and whatever you do, don't forget your pick up bags

Finally, make sure it’s an enjoyable day for everyone, including their dogs too!

Share pics of your dog's enjoying 'Take your dog to work day' and tag us on instagram @doogptyltd #takeyourdoogtowork for the chance to win a foldable bowl, clip it leash and a pack of pick up bags to take along to the office with your dog. 




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