Happy 15th Birthday To Us



Today we’re celebrating 15 years since we launched the product that started our whole business! 
At a trade show in Sydney in 2007, we booked a teeny space on a friend’s booth and showed buyers 4 prototypes we had made up of Jamie’s invention, The DOOG Walkie Belt.
With no experience in sales or product design we were a little apprehensive but mainly excited to see what people would think of our dog walking utility belt. We went on to win the most innovative gift of the year at the show and got over 40 orders from new customers that week. 
It’s been a whirlwind ride since, from packing orders in our back shed with help from neighbours and friends to licensing deals with Cesar Milan and our first order from Walmart.
We're proud to say that DOOG products can now be found in retailers all around the world from Seoul to Seattle! We’re super proud of the evolution of our brand and excited to see what the next 15 years brings.


We want to say a big thanks to our amazing team. We're so lucky to have such a dedicated group of staff who wholeheartedly share our core values and believe in the brand as much as we do.
Thanks to our sales reps all around Australia for spreading awareness of DOOG and our products to all the retailers and to our distribution partners all over the world.
Thanks also to our family and friends for backing us and believing in us, for testing all of our products and letting us use your dogs in all our photo shoots. 
Most of all thanks to you guys, our loyal customers and their dogs, We couldn’t have done it without you!
We hope that over the next 15 years we will continue to make outdoor adventures with your dogs easier and more fun. 
Jamie, Jess, Bear and the kids



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