Hit The Beach - Our Essential list of the Top 5 Dog Beaches in Australia

Dogs love the beach. They love to run on or dig in the sand, they love the cool water to swim in when it’s hot, and they love all the wide-open beach spaces and smells they can explore.

Here’s our guide to the top 5 dog-friendly beaches in Australia, in no particular order.

1. Rose Bay Beach, Sydney

Rose Bay Beach overlooks calm water in Rose Bay, about eight kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Dogs are allowed off-leash all the time on the 500 metres of beach foreshore between Percival Park and Dumaresq Reserve. A bonus is the stunning views of Sydney Harbour for you to enjoy.

2. Raby Bay, Brisbane

Raby Bay is a quiet spot about 30 kilometres south-east of the Brisbane CBD. It has a long stretch of beach overlooking calm water that’s a designated off-leash dog area at all times.

3. St Kilda West Beach, Melbourne

Located just seven kilometres south of the CBD, St Kilda West Beach is a gem for dog lovers. Once again, they’re allowed off-leash at all times. There’s also calm water and plenty of beach to explore.

4. Hillarys Dog Beach, Perth

This long stretch of sand is perfect for dog roaming or exercising off-leash all-year round. The calm water is ideal for cooling off too! You’ll find it about 25 kilometres south-west of the Perth CBD in Joondalup.

5. O’Sullivan Beach, Adelaide

There’s more than 1 kilometre of sandy beach and tranquil water here that stretches all the way to Christies Beach. It’s about 28 kilometres south-west of the Adelaide CBD and 100% off-leash all-year round.

 Some simple practicalities

If you’re taking your dog to the beach, make sure that:

  • you take your pal to a dog-friendly one and that you obey any local council rules about whether they can be off-leash or not, and that you know the days and times they’re allowed to be there if there are restrictions.
  • your buddy has at least a basic level of obedience before you take them off their leash (if it’s allowed).
  • conditions are calm if you go for a swim together. You don’t want either of you getting carried away by a rip!
  • you take plenty of fresh water with you to avoid your dog drinking salt water.
  • your pooch doesn’t eat any seaweed or dead sea creatures that have washed up on the shore. Fish bait and hooks are other things to be wary of.
  • you pick up after any “number two’s”.
  • you keep your eye on them at all times, especially if the beach is near a major road and it’s unfamiliar. It’s easy for a dog to get distracted and roam away off-leash in such an open area.

How we can help

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