How to know if getting another dog is the right choice for you

A decision about whether or not to get a second dog in your family is a big one for everyone involved – all your family members, including your current dog and your potential new one.

Read on to find out the key considerations, the pros and cons, and answers to FAQs.


If you decide you want to get a second dog, timing is important. Consider the age of your current dog. You don’t want to get a second dog when your first dog is either too young or too old.

If you get a second dog when your first one is too young, it will be hard to find the time to train and socialise both. Ideally, you shouldn’t get a second dog until your current dog is well trained and socialised, and then you can focus your energies on training and socialising your new dog.

On the flip side, if you get a second dog when your first one is too old, your new dog may have too much energy for your older dog to keep up.


Generally, opposite sex dogs tend to get on better together, particularly when it comes to male dogs. However, two males together can work, especially if one is much older than the other because there is more likely to be a natural dominant pecking order.


Some breeds get along better than others. Some breeds naturally have more dominant personalities than others. It’s important to do your research and ask your vet’s advice on compatible breeds before getting a second dog.

The pros and cons of getting a second dog

Getting a second dog has its pros and cons for both your family and the dogs. Let’s look at the pros first.


  • The dogs can enjoy each other’s company (however, it’s still important for you to spend time with both. A second dog shouldn’t be used as a replacement for human companionship).
  • Your dogs are likely to exercise more and have greater mental stimulation.


  • You are likely to have twice the costs for food and vet bills.
  • You will have twice the maintenance (washing, grooming, cleaning up number two’s, etc.).

Common mistakes when getting a second dog

Here are some common mistakes to avoid when getting a second dog (and how to avoid them).

  • neglecting your first dog while focusing all your attention on your new dog. Your first dog may get jealous.

You can avoid this problem by being mindful of the time you spend with each dog.

  • getting a dog that’s the same breed and sex as your current dog. This one is easily fixed.

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