Safe Travels - Australian Laws For Dogs in Cars

Car safety is a big issue for everyone, dogs included.  Restraining your dog in your car can not only keep you and your dog safe, you can also face heavy fines and be hit with licence demerit points if you drive with your dog on your lap, or if your buddy prevents you from having full control of your vehicle. In addition, the old days of carrying an unrestrained dog in the back of a ute are over.


Penalties for unsafe travel with dogs vary Australia-wide.

  • In New South Wales, the fine is more than $4488 (and higher in school zones). You also lose 3 points on your licence.
  • In Queensland, the fine is $311 and you lose 3 points.
  • In Victoria, it’s a $330 fine and you lose 3 points.

Similar penalties apply in all other Australian States and Territories.


You can also face a hefty fine from the RSPCA if your dog is injured due to not being properly restrained in your vehicle.

When using a car restraint on your dog, always attach it to the d-ring on the back of a sturdy dog harness. Car restraints should never be clipped to a dogs collar as this can cause serious injury to your dogs neck in an accident. 

Safe & Happy Travels

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