Take A Hike With Your Dog

As the weather cools down in our part of the world it's a great time to get out for a day trip on the hiking trails with your dog.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for long walks in the bush as it's not too hot, there is less chance of seeing snakes and a lot less insects and creepy crawlies around. 

Here our some tips to getting the most out of a hike and bush walk with your pet. 

Research dog friendly trails and tracks. 

Unfortunately a lot of the nice hikes and trails are in national parks where dogs are not welcome. Luckily we've discovered some fab websites who have done all the research for us and have comprehensive lists of dog friendly places to hike with your dog where you won't get into trouble with the park ranger. In Australia Visit www.dogadventures.com.au and in the USA you can access a state by state list of dog friendly trails at www.hikewithyourdog.com

 Don't forget to hydrate

It's really important that both you and your dog stay hydrated on a long day walk. The best solution for your both is our clever 3-in1 water bottle and dog bowl which allows you to carry water for yourself in our BPA free bottle and share it with the dog. The bottle comes wrapped with a neoprene dog bowl that also insulates the water to keep it cool. Just unwrap the bowl, construct it and pour the water from your bottle into the water bowl. 

Beware of the dreaded tick

It's important to protect your dog by giving them a tick prevention treatment a couple of days before you head out for your hike.  

The natural hosts of the paralysis ticks are native animals in the bush. However, ticks commonly attach to other non-native hosts, including dogs and humans. Paralysis ticks are the most concerning tick species for pet owners and vets in Australia, as one bite from a paralysis tick can kill a dog. So be safe and make sure your dog has been treated before you head out. 

Tell someone where you are going

Before you set out, make sure you have told someone in your family or a close friend where you are going. It's quite common for people to get disorientated in the bush in an area without a mobile phone signal. It's important that someone else knows your whereabouts if you and your dog do get lost and can't get a phone signal to call for help. 



Take a fun toy for your dog to play with along the way

You never know what magical little water holes and open areas you might stumble across while exploring off the beaten track. Make sure you pack a lightweight, water friendly dog toy for your dog to play with on the way. Our stick family toys float in water, are light weight and a great fetch toy option that won't take up too much space in your backpack. 

Hiking can be a messy business

Keep an old towel or DOOG Swim Towel in your car to clean up your dogs paws when you get back to the car. 

Happy Hiking! Share pics of you and your dog on a hike by tagging @doogptyltd on Instagram

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