The Best Dog Breeds For Running

While most dogs love to play and be active, it’s no secret that some breeds make better workout partners than others. To help you find your ideal running buddy, here are some of the top breeds for speed, distance and trails.

Short, fast runs

Australian Kelpie: Australian Kelpies thrive on exercise, and they are famous for their impressive pace – up to 72km per hour!

Australian Shepherd: This breed is built to be out on the farm. They are known for their speed and agility.

Siberian Husky: Huskies are a medium-sized breed with lots of energy and pace and are built to run long distances as they do during sled races. 



Short jogs (less than 5km)

Beagles: Beagles are hunting dogs that can cover a lot of ground, but given their small size, they are better suited to shorter jogs rather than long runs.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier: A smaller breed, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are also low to the ground and they excel at shorter distances.

Jack Russell Terrier: The Jack Russell is a highly active dog that loves being outdoors, making them perfect for shorter jogs.


Longer jogs (15km+)

Australian Cattle Dog: The high-stamina Australian Cattle Dog is a herding breed that just loves to do plenty of running.

German Shorthaired Pointer: These dogs are great for active owners. Due to their hunting backgrounds, they have strong endurance and can comfortably handle a 15km run.

Weimaraner: Born to run, Weimaraners are great either in short bursts or for longer distances of 15km+.  



Trail running

Border Collie: Border Collies are highly athletic. Bred to be working animals, these dogs can run all day long. They can cover more than 80km in a day.

Golden Retriever: Golden Retrievers have a high level of endurance and they are especially obedient, making them the perfect trail runners.

Standard Poodle: Poodles can endure all climates and terrains, and they are energetic enough to keep up with you on even the most challenging trails.


Dog-friendly fun runs you can do over winter

Once you’ve found your ideal running buddy, why not put your skills to the test? If you’re looking for a fun day out that includes your furry friend, then check out these upcoming fun runs happening across Australia.


Kodi’s Paw-a-thon

Raising awareness for the Australian Animal Cancer Foundation and Cancel Council Victoria, Kodi’s Paw-a-thon is the perfect opportunity to get active and support charitable causes. There will be a pet-friendly 3km run/walk taking place on the 23rd of May at Riverside Park, Victoria.

 Beach to Beach Charity Fun Run 

Sydney’s most scenic fun run, the Beach2Beach Charity Fun Run & Festival, celebrates its 27th year on Sunday, 22 August 2021.

Courses start at Dee Why Beach (13km), Warriewood (6km), and Mona Vale (3km) and end with a Family Festival at Newport Beach, making this fun run perfect for everyone, from families to the most serious runners.

Riverwood Trail Run

The Riverwood Trail Run is a dog-friendly trail run that offers several different races, from 4km up to 55km. It’s being held on the 24th and 25th of July in Monkerai, NSW.


How we can help

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