5 lovely ways to enjoy your dog’s company this weekend

One of the few good things about COVID-19 lockdowns was the chance to connect more with the people and furry friends that we live with. After all, we didn’t have much choice! More and more of us were working from home, and we had to spend all of our  spare time there as well. 

Now that things have returned to normal and you’re probably not forced to be at home 24/7 for work or leisure any more, your dog will likely look forward to seeing you on weekends even more than normal. He or she would have loved all the extra time you were at home. Just you being there is probably enough to make your dog’s day.

Here’s our top 5 tips for getting out and about and spending quality time together post-COVID. 

1.  Go to your local dog park

Dog parks are a great place to meet other dog lovers and for your buddy to run free and mingle. Just make sure that your pet has some basic social skills if you’re going at a busy time, otherwise try and pick a quiet time when you might have the park to yourself. Take some toys along to have some extra fun!

2.  Find a dog-friendly beach 

It might be winter and too cold to have a swim, but all dogs live to walk or run along the beach anytime. Just make sure you do your research and find a beach that allows dogs (as not all beaches do). You can find some great dog-friendly beaches here

3. Go for a walk (or even a run) together

All dogs love to go for a walk! It’s great for both their physical and mental health, as well as yours. And if you have a dog breed with plenty of energy, your buddy can also be a great running companion!  You don’t have to stick to suburban streets or parks either. Why not get off the beaten track and explore a bush trail?

4. Go to your local markets

Markets can be a stimulating stroll for both you and your pet, especially when there’s plenty of smells, sounds and colours. Your dog will be sure to get plenty of admiring looks and probably a few pats along the way. Just make sure that your pal is socialised before you take this option.

5. Teach your dog some tricks

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and always eager to please. Why not spend some time teaching your buddy a new trick or two? Just make sure that you make it fun. You can check out some easy ideas here

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